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Does Utah License Independent Cannabis Testing Labs?

Yes. The state's Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) licenses independent cannabis testing laboratories in Utah. Primarily, an independent marijuana laboratory license permits the licensee to receive cannabis from a licensed cultivator and processor for testing in the state. All independent cannabis testing labs in Utah are required to comply with Good Laboratory Practice and Compliance Monitoring specified by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development,to%20promote%20sustainable%20economic%20growth.) (OECD).

Requirements for Marijuana Testing Labs in Utah

Per the state's Independent Cannabis Testing Laboratory Rule (R68-30), a licensed independent marijuana testing lab in Utah must meet certain requirements, including the following:

  • They must maintain and keep the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17025:2017 accreditation
  • They must hire a scientific director whose responsibility will include supervising laboratory employees and maintaining standards of practice
  • They must adhere to validated analytical methods like those published by the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (AOAC), and other reputable scientific bodies
  • Their average testing turnaround must not exceed 10 working days within any three-month period
  • They must have written emergency procedures in place in the event of a chemical spill, fire, or other emergencies at the lab
  • They must not use an alternative testing method without a prior review by the state's Department of Agriculture and Food
  • The cannabis testing laboratory facility must be divided into compartments based on function, and access to each compartment must be restricted to the appropriate authorized agents
  • The testing laboratory facility must have security measures such as a security alarm system and video surveillance system

Utah Required Tests for Cannabis Products

As stipulated in the state’s Quality Assurance Testing on Cannabis Rule (R68-29), licensed independent cannabis testing laboratories in Utah must test marijuana products for the following:

  • Potency
  • Moisture content
  • Residual solvents
  • Water activity
  • Heavy metals
  • Foreign matter
  • Terpenes
  • Moisture
  • Pesticides
  • Microbials
  • Mycotoxins

How Do Utah Marijuana Testing Labs Submit and Report Test Results?

The test results obtained by independent cannabis test laboratories after testing marijuana products are submitted to the appropriate licensed processing or cultivating facilities. Such results are detailed in the Certificate of Analysis (COA), which provides information on the potency of all cannabinoids and the quantities of the various analytes obtained from testing.

How Much Does It Cost to Test Cannabis in Utah?

The cost of testing cannabis products in Utah varies depending on the type of test conducted by a laboratory. Currently, the state's Department of Agriculture and Food maintains a laboratory cannabis test pricing based on four different panels (including varying adulterants) as listed below:

  • Flower Testing Panel - $575
  • Pre-Pack Testing Panel - $135
  • Concentrate Testing Panel - $770
  • Final Product Testing Panel - $260

A Utah-licensed cannabis testing laboratory may also charge processors or cultivators for testing services based on what is being tested, as listed below:

  • Foreign matter - $15
  • Water activity - $25
  • Mycotoxins - $130
  • Pesticides - $160
  • Heavy metal - $110
  • Terpenes - $110
  • Cannabinoids - $125

What Happens to Cannabis Products That Fail Lab Tests in Utah?

In Utah, any cannabis product that fails any laboratory testing standards may be remediated by the processor or cultivator after submitting and obtaining approval for a remediation plan from the UDAF. Typically, a cultivator or processor should submit a remediation plan within 15 days of receiving a failed testing result from the testing lab. Once the UDAF approves the plan, the processing or cultivating facility must execute the remediation plan and prepare the cannabis products or marijuana plant products for resampling within 60 days of obtaining the approval.

The UDAF prohibited retesting or resampling a cannabis batch or lot that fails any of the required testing standards until the batch or lot is remediated. Generally, a cannabis product batch or marijuana lot that is or cannot be remediated within 60 days of UDAF's approval must be destroyed in accordance with Section 4-41a-405 of the Utah Code.

List of Cannabis Testing Labs in Utah

There is currently no official list of licensed cannabis testing labs maintained by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. Interested persons can contact the Department's laboratory services at (801) 816-2840 or by email for the list of cannabis testing labs in the state.

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