Can You Smoke Weed in Public in Utah?

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Can You Smoke Weed in Utah?

No. Although medical cannabis is legal in the state, the Utah Medical Cannabis Act prohibits smoking cannabis. The Act does not authorize the use of any device to facilitate the combustion and smoking of marijuana. The available forms of medical cannabis include wax, tablets, concentrated oil, and capsules. Smoking weed for recreational purposes is unlawful in the state because adult-use cannabis has not been legalized.

Can You Smoke Weed in Public in Utah?

No. It is illegal to smoke weed in public in Utah. Per the state's medical cannabis laws, not even registered medical cannabis patients can smoke marijuana anywhere in the state, including personal vehicles, schools, and parks.

Can You Smoke Weed in a Vehicle in Utah?

Smoking marijuana is prohibited under the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, and this does not exempt smoking in a moving or stationary vehicle. However, medical cannabis patients can drive with their medical cannabis in their cars within the state, provided they also carry their medical cannabis cards. The marijuana products must be in the original and sealed containers as purchased from state-licensed dispensaries and put out of reach, for instance, in the vehicle trunk.

Who Can Smoke Marijuana in Utah?

No individual, including registered medical marijuana patients, can smoke cannabis legally in Utah.

Where Can You Legally Smoke Weed in Utah?

It is unlawful to smoke weed anywhere in Utah. This is in compliance with the state's medical marijuana laws. Generally, it is illegal to consume cannabis in public places, vehicles, on federal lands, and workplaces in the state. However, using the legally acceptable consumption methods, registered medical cannabis patients in Utah can consume their medical marijuana products in private residences.

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